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Walden Korea signs business agreement with Remainers, a Korean culture company

Chairwomen Suyeon Yang and President YOON KYOUNG.JA at Remainders Society Cooperative

Walden Korea signed a business agreement with Remainers, a Korean company that focuses on Korean culture, on July 24, 2022. Remainers is led by Lim Sung-hee, a master of soybean paste and red pepper paste, Lee Hyun-Kyung, a master of natural dyeing, and Yoon Kyung-Ja, a de­veloper.

The parties will share food techniques and knowl­edge based on the spirit ofHongik human beings. The reason why Walden Korea needs a Korean cuisine partner is that the Korean Wave is very popular in the United States, and Korean food is at the center of the global interest in Korea. Through Korean cuisine, the American public can better connect with Korean history. Suyeon Yang, chairwoman ofWalden Korea, is also a Korean food expert who studied traditional court cuisine.

Remainders will introduce its red pepper paste and soybean paste kit to the U.S. and will work with Walden Korea on various related cultural events such as international exchange, certification courses, edu­cation recipes, events, and consulting. ■


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