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Walden Korea Lecture Series
International School of Philosophy in Asia (ISPA) 
Slavoj Žižek "Are There Still Masters or Are There Only Servants of Servants?"

10 am (EST-U.S & Canada), Wed, December 21


Webinar Lecture

Meeting ID: 868 3544 6597

Passcode: 4343


All are welcome to join by video or audio

Dr. Žižek will take questions from the audience



Host: Walden Korea

Sponsor: Jeju 4.3 Peace Foundation

The Walden Korea Lecture Series aims to bring together preeminent scholars and intellectuals to address the most salient issues of the day. The development of global mobility that facilitated the “Global Value Chain” has transformed the regions of Asia and beyond into large-scale factories and shaped global capitalism in the 21st century. Widespread mass industrialization has precipitated the rise of metropolia and accelerated environmental crises and climate change. The economic subsumption of these regions to the global market has brought profound changes and shackled the distinct immanence of the locals to the norms of the monetary regime. Asia is no longer a particular region but instead the place of universal subject matter: global capitalism. For this reason, the lecture series posits Asia as a means to bring forth the potential conceptualization of planetary philosophy. The progress of technology increasingly separates our sense of certainty from concrete spatio-temporal experiences and imposes algorithmic intelligence upon our way of thinking. From coal and oil to electricity, the forms of energy for the sustainability of this vulnerable civilization stifles the infinity of today’s imagination. It obstructs the new idea of another future. However, the idea of the future is always related to a breakthrough in the present, and the virtual alternation is already internalized within today’s reality. From this perspective, the Walden Korea Lecture Series, an initial program of the International School of Philosophy in Asia, invites all interested in thoughts challenging the normative perception of today’s world and a search for an alternative method to the current knowledge systems.


The Walden Korea Lecture Series is the inaugural program in the launch of the International School of Philosophy in Asia (ISPA). The Jeju 4.3 Peace Foundation funds the series. The first lecture will be delivered by Slavoj Žižek, a renowned Slovenian philosopher, cultural theorist and public intellectual. He is the international director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities at the University of London, visiting professor at New York University and a senior researcher at the University of Ljubljana’s Department of Philosophy.

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