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4.3 uprising Resources

The Jeju uprising, known in South Korea as the Jeju April 3 incident, was an uprising that occurred on Jeju Island from April 1948 to May 1949. Residents of Jeju opposed to the division of Korea had protested and had been on a general strike since 1947 against elections scheduled by the United Nations Temporary Commission on Korea (UNTCOK) to be held only in the territory controlled by the United States Army Military Government in Korea.  Read More.......

Jeju 4.3 Timeline form Liberation to the Korean War

From the Jeju Peace Foundation's archives

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Victims of Jeju 4.3

From the Jeju Peace Foundation's archives

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From the Jeju Peace Foundation's archives

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Media News / Articles 

By Choe Sang-Hun
BUKCHON, South Korea — The soldiers descended upon the village, torching its homes and corralling residents into a schoolyard. After screening out relatives of military members and the police from the gathered crowd, the soldiers divided those remaining — men, women and children — into groups of 30 to 50, and dragged them away. Read more........

By Howard W. French

A half-century later, Kim Hyoung Choe has no trouble finding his way back to the spot where he hid in the brush on this fragrant, nutmeg-forested mountain and watched helplessly while soldiers mowed down much of his family.
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By John Feffer
I’m standing with a social worker beneath the palm trees outside a municipal building in the main city of Jeju Island. We’re talking about a nearby naval base, which the South Korean government is trying to build and a number of islanders are trying to prevent. She’s repeating a familiar refrain about Jeju — that it’s a paradise on Earth, but one with a dark side. The naval base is only the latest indignity inflicted on this semitropical island 60 miles south of the Korean mainland.
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43peace park.png

Jeju 4.3 Peace Park is a memorial park and museum located on the island of Jeju in South Korea to commemorate the losses suffered during the Jeju uprising. The Peace Park opened on March 28, 2008 as part of reparations for victims based on the findings from the Jeju 4.3 Committee which was commissioned in 2000. Jeju 4.3 Peace Park is run by the Jeju 4.3 Peace Foundation. More........


The Jeju 4·3 Peace Foundation was established to promote additional fact clarification on Jeju 4·3 and restore the honor of the victims and their bereaved families. They aim to contribute to the improvement of human rights, democracy, and national reconciliation through the successful performance of their tasks. More......

The National Committee for Investigation of the Truth about the Jeju 4.3 Events (4.3 Committee) was a truth commission in South Korea established in 2000. The commission aimed to investigate the Jeju 4.3 events, which refers to a "series of armed uprisings and counterinsurgency that occurred between 1948 and 1954 on Jeju island, the largest island in the southernmost part of South Korea." Read More.......

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