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Student Program

As a planning committee member of Walden Korea, teenagers/youths will study the following strategies in a future-oriented way.

▶ Promote the value of Korean history and culture to all who want to study the Korea Wave 

▶ Strategic promotion of Korean history and culture based on the study of international relations 

▶ Research and promotion of strategies to realize the values of justice, peace, human rights, and environmental protection.

These youth/youth research programs will  lead to international strategy forums and the publication of a journal, in which experts from various fields periodically participate as speakers.

Walden Korea planning committee members can elect the planning committee chairman by voting before each international strategy forum.

Planning committee members are selected Korean and American high school and college students. English is the primary language used. Planning members who need to supplement their English fluency are required to undergo a 4-week online training session by Zoom.

Planning committee members will become familiar with Walden Korea's curriculum and may continue to participate in Walden Korea's content production and education programs for the general public once the international strategy forum is over.

Planning committee members meet on Zoom online before the international forum in September.

The schedule is as follows. 

1. In June, student planning committee members hold a preliminary meeting (Zoom)

2. Student planning committee members vote to elect the planning committee chairperson.

3. Discuss and research topics for the international strategy forum and designate roles (in accordance with individual interests and knowledge base; shared folder used).

4. Planning committee agreements set the time and date for Zoom meetings once a week. The frequency of meetings may increase or decrease as needed. 

5. Create joint or personal papers, publish forum findings.

6. Issuance of the certificate of completion.


The meeting schedule is based on the time and date agreed on between the planning committee chairman and the committee members. 

The meetings maximize student independence and initiative.

Students may continue to participate in the following forums and are encouraged to share their views with others. 

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