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What qualifications do you have to be a Walden Korea Planning Committee Member?

To become a planning committee member of Walden Korea, you need the will to learn Korean culture and history and to promote it to the world. There are no other special qualifications. The age of participation is from the second year of high school to the graduate school Ph.D. program. Applicants must be interviewed after submitting the application form.


Is there any fee to become a Walden Korea Planning Committee Member?

There is no fee.


Are there any geographical location considerations for becoming a Planning Committee Member of Walden Korea?

It doesn't matter where you live to join the Walden Korea Planning Committee. You can apply from anywhere in the world. We primarily communicate online.


Is there open recruitment to join the Walden Korea Planning Committee?

The 1st Walden Korea Planning Committee Members were selected by the recommendation of the students’ professors and teachers. However, there are plans for open recruitment on a regular basis in the future. Applicants will be selected through interviews, etc. There is a limit to the number of applicants selected.


Can non-students participate in the Planning Committee of Walden Korea?

Yes, non-students may also participate. Non-students or those over 35 years of age may participate as a member of the Walden Korea Advisory Planning Committee.  Please contact us.


What are the main tasks of the Walden Korea Planning Committee?

Once one joins the Walden Korea Planning Committee, members will study the contents to be presented at the International Strategy Forum jointly or individually. Also, depending on your performance, you can participate as editors of our English journal or become an author of an article in the Walden Korea Journal. 
You can serve as a mentor for the 2nd planning committee and continue to participate as a 2nd Planning Committee Member. The Walden Korea Planning Committee Member can give lectures in local communities introduced by Walden Korea and also have internship opportunities.


Do I need English fluency to become a Planning Committee Member of Walden Korea?

English, the international language of the world, is essential in representing Korean culture to the world. However, the primary requirement is to be committed to the study of Korea rather than native-level English fluency.


Does one have to be an ethnic Korean in order to join the Walden Korea Planning Committee?

No, Walden Korea Planning Committee does not discriminate based on race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or any kind of identity. Non-Koreans are encouraged to apply. Walden Korea is open to anyone who has the will to learn about issues related to Korea.


When will the 2nd Walden Korea Planning Committee be selected?

The 2nd Walden Korea Planning Committee Members will be recruited from September 2021. Please subscribe to our website newsletter.


Does Walden Korea focus only on the Jeju 4.3 Uprising?

Walden Korea studies Korea's unresolved modern history problems. At the center of it is the Jeju 4.3 uprising problem. Since the 4.3 uprising is a serious human rights issue that is little known outside of Jeju, we will focus on the 4.3 uprising and continue to study the issue in the future. At the same time, we will also deal with other issues of interest such as modern Korean history, Korea-U.S. relations, and Korean culture (the Korean Wave, Korean food, etc.).

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